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Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Time:12:39 am.
What the fuck do I think I am doing?

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Time:7:05 am.
Today, I will marry my best friend.

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Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Time:7:24 pm.
My favorite dog (that isn't my own), died this weekend.

Rest in Peace, Jasper. You lived a long, happy, well loved 16 years, and I know your in doggie heaven right now with you tennis ball barbell buried under the pine needles.

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Time:7:26 pm.
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same...
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Thursday, May 26th, 2005

Time:4:39 pm.
Sometimes no matter how good life is, something or someone reminds you of how much you need a good cry once and a while.

On that note, I need to grab the iPod & hit the gym. Blood, sweat & tears baby. Literally.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Time:5:51 pm.

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Monday, January 24th, 2005

Time:9:27 pm.
My birthday is coming up, so I decided to make a wishlist for those people who may want to buy me something. And I don't mean LJ people, but my daily friends & family and such. Not that I'm discouraging anyone from LJ from getting me a gift. ;)

So anyways, just like a good fat kid should do, I made a wishlist @ Vosges. The best gourmet candy I have ever had. Their shit is just AMAZING.

Like the Naga truffle which is Sweet Indian Curry + Coconut Milk & Milk Chocolate. And the Black Pearl truffle made of ginger + wasabi, black sesame seeds & dark chocolate.


I'm drooling just thinking about them.
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Monday, January 17th, 2005

Time:1:48 pm.
I accidently deleted every single music file off my computer last night. Including all my iTunes original files. Then I proceeded to dock my iPod without realizing that it was going to delete every single music file off my iPod aswell.

So there goes about 6,000 songs from the iPod which took forever to transfer to the computer in the first place, aswell as about $75 worth of iTunes. Which, while I can click and see my entire "song purchase history", I cannot get replaced without buying them all over again.

Fucking awesome.

I am such the fucking idiot.

Now my iPod is just sitting there in it's dock looking all smug and mocking me. Fucker.
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Thursday, November 18th, 2004

Time:4:03 pm.
Let's talk turkey.
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Monday, October 25th, 2004

Time:12:53 pm.
This company is really cool. Albeit, you could probably do what they do yourself, it probably wouldn't come out as good.

I want to get an iPod, just so I can have them paint it a cool color. Like this:

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004

Time:12:09 am.
I am so excited, I seriously cannot think or type straight.

I just know that I always believed, and I love my fucking Red Sox.

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Monday, August 16th, 2004

Time:5:04 pm.
Thoughts for today:

- Why is it that you never see people in public wearing WWF shirts, but as soon as you walk into Wal-Mart, you see like, 10?

- Wouldn't it be nice if the cap on the bottle of soymilk that says "Shake Well Before Using" actually kept the liquid INSIDE the bottle while you shook it, instead of sending droplets of soymilk all over my shirt and the rest of the kitchen? Ugh.

- I wish they would invent cat puke-proof paper towels. I don't give two shits about how absorbant they are, since cat projectile vomit does not absorb into a paper towel anyways. I just want ones that keep my hands from being soaked with kitty vomit, and keep me from feeling that warm sensation on my hand while I'm cleaning it up. Eauwwww.

- Why does it figure that the one time I spend all day listening to a shitty radiostation to win concert tickets on the radio, they are for the day of Warped Tour that I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO. Of course, they don't let you choose if you want tickets for Friday or Thursday, they are going to pick for you. Figures.

- Why does my mailMAN feel the need to unwrap my Jane Magazine from the plastic wrapper before he puts it in my mailbox? Does he need to sit in his little mail truck and read about the newest ways to get rid of bikini line razor burn and sunless tanners? Sheesh. And I know its him, because I found the wrapper in the trashcan next to the mailbox and no one else would be able to get into my locked mailbox, unwrap my mag, read it, and then put it back into my locked mailbox. Lame.
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Sunday, August 15th, 2004

Time:10:05 am.
I have Red Sox tickets for this afternoon and if it gets rained out I am never going to stop crying.
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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

Time:8:08 pm.
Dear ______________,

I've wanted to say these things to you for so long, but never knew how. But today, I am just going to do it.

I know you probably think you are so funny and clever, but in reality, you are weird. And often times even creepy. You spend copious amounts of time obsessing about how you are alone, how you don't want to be alone and how you will probably die alone. That's just plain sad. And not in the "my hampster died" kind of way either. The odds are, that you are alone because you freak people the fuck out. Namely: girls.
I'm sure someday you will find the right person for you, but unless you consider being less uber whiny and attention starved, odds are that girl is going to run away screaming and you will never know what you missed. Sometimes you take your need of being the center of attention, to an extreme. You take it to a point where you make others around you feel uncomfortable, and I don't think you are even aware of how you make others feel. A sense of humor is such an important part of a person, but you don't always need to be "on" 24-7. Sometimes its good to take it down a level and just be chill. Sometimes I worry about you. I see you living in a fantasy world which doesn't exist. I see you going over the edge to make other people like you so that you may feel as though you "fit in". I worry that you don't live here with us on Earth, and that you don't even know where the line between real people & real life, and your fantasies end. It makes me concerned for you. You don't fit in, because you make most people feel akward around you. A lot of times, I never knew what to say to you, because you never seem to really be yourself. You seem to be putting on an act or a show most of the time.

And while everyone has problems and gets sad sometimes, you seem to make it your life's work to be the most depressing person on planet Earth. Your cries for attention are no longer heart wrenching and no longer make me feel like I want to try and help you and be there for you. Now they make me want to slam my head against the monitor of my computer because its becoming overwhelming, and honestly, fucking creepy.

I'm sorry that you seem to be having a hard time making and keeping friends, but it seems you've always been that way. It used to be something I admired about you, but now its just something I pity about you. I thought you were a really cool, special person because you never seemed to need anyone else to make yourself happy and comfortable. You never needed friends to do everything with. You could go out on your own and have such a good time spending quality time with yourself. But now, I see it was not really that way. Ultimately, you are just really good at pushing people away. Then you realize you are alone, and its too late. I tried to reach out to you, to be there for you, to include you, but you just make me feel as though I am not the one you want the attention from. If you are seeking love and attention from a certain person, whoever it may be, then you need to let them know and stop acting so desperate for affection from the world.

I haven't seen or talked to you in a while, and we went our seperate ways because you sold me out for some fear of letting a friend know how you really felt about something, namely his girlfriend, but whatever. I tried to make it water under the bridge, and extend myself to you if you needed someone to talk to, seeing as your only friends seem to be 14 year old girls who comment in your LJ, or the imaginary ones you create to make yourself feel less lonely. But alas, in your true style, doing what you do best, you shoved me off and now I am done. I won't be surprised if you are totally oblivious to this, and probably won't even realize that this is about you, but we shall see.

Being fun, and a child at heart is a really endearing quality to have, but you take it too far. I think you need to take a good look at yourself, at your life, at your age, and maybe try to grow up a little. If you spend your whole life never changing, but instead, just wallowing, you will never grow and never learn. My best advice for you is to stop concentrating on the fantasy world you create for yourself and start acting real. Be real. Stop being so fake. You have all these "personalities" & costumes and alter egos. Act like yourself and see that it may take you farther than you thought.

xxoo Cherie

Monday, August 9th, 2004

Subject:First place!
Time:12:01 pm.
Viva la LittlePonies! I'm the ONLY girl in the league & it totally pisses off all the guys in my league when I take first place. Bwhahahhahahahha. Bow down in front of my fantasy baseball skillz.
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Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Subject:I'm so in love!
Time:3:41 pm.
Huzzah! Today is a lovely day. Its in the mid 70's and sunny. I'm happy. Still sad that a certain someone is missing from my life, and I have no way to find them, or at least find out if they are still alive and breathing. Its got me real fucked up in the head, but alas, today is such a lovely day, I'm trying not to let it get me down. Tommorrow it can drag me back down again, but not today.

Today I found out that October holds the triumphant, long awaited return of Opie & Anthony!!! I'm so excited, I think I almost piddled myself. Forreal. How embarassing. So, now I obviously need to get XM Radio, but it will be worth it. I've been waiting forever to hear them again on my radio and its been far too long.

I also found out today, that even with Timmy Wakefield's subpar pitching today, I think I'm headed into 1st place in my Fantasy League tommorrow. Boo-yah. That makes me happy. And I still love you Tim-may. I do. And next Sunday I gots me some tickets to the Sox game, so that makes me even happier.

And, my boy is the raddest boy ever. Fo sho. He came home this afternoon with the best present for me ever, a GIANT cuddly My Little Pony! Ooooh I love it. And to make it far cooler, it has a mullet. My life is full of love and mullet ponies. You know your so envious! ;)

I'm so thrilled right now. Or at least easily amused. Possibly a bit of both. Either way, today is a good day.
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Friday, August 6th, 2004

Time:11:08 pm.
How can someone just dissappear off the face of the fucking earth?
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Monday, August 2nd, 2004

Subject:My gripe for today...
Time:6:47 pm.
I really wanted to buy one of the Lance Armstrong LIVEstrong yellow wristbands, but they are backordered on the site that sells them. So I go to Ebay, just out of curiosity to see if they are being sold on there, and of course they are. For like $10 apiece, with absurd $5 shipping, when they only paid $1 each to buy them. So they are buying them from the foundation who is selling them to raise money for cancer, so that they can resell them on Ebay for outrageous prices and then pocket the outrageous markup. Scumbags. I hope there is a special seat in hell for those greedy, money hungry asshats.
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Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Time:10:44 pm.
I've been trying to pay some attention to the DNC, and I've decided that I really like Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. She's sassy, fierce, opinionated, intellectual, and she could totally kick Laura Bush's ass in a fight. My only fear is that Americans will be scared off by her sophistication and her "foreign" accent. I really dig that she doesn't tone down her fiesty, strong personality for anyone or anything, even though her husband is running for president. We need more people like that in politics. And if you disagree, then you can shove it.
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Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Subject:Yankees Suck!
Time:2:31 pm.
Last night I saw one of the greatest baseball games of my life. Hopefully tonight will not dissappoint.
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